Hair Change

It’s been a while since I’ve done anything exciting with my hair. Besides subtle color changes the last major thing I did was cut bangs 4 years ago. I was “growing it out” for years and years and honestly when you have thin hair that’s slow moving like mine it takes that long to get any kind of length. But now I have long hair and that’s that. I’m feeling like maybe it’s time for a change. I’ve been browsing several different options but am having a hard time committing. Maybe I’ll just sit on the idea for a little while.

Hair Options

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Sweaters for a Cozy Fall

Fall is definitely in the air. Living in Salt Lake and working in Park City means I get to escape to the mountains every day and see the colors changing. There’s nothing better than curling up in a cozy fall sweater with a cup of tea to watch a colorful landscape. Of course any of these fabulous sweaters would do.

Fall Coats1FallSweaters

One | Two
Three | Four


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Emma’s UN Speech

Emma Watson’s UN speech this week was absolutely amazing. Such an incredible sentiment on gender equality, something everyone should hear. What an ambitious and talented young woman. “If not me, who? If not now, when?”

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Leah & Ammon

My baby sister Leah got married the beginning of August. It was so fun being together as a family and spending time with the happy couple celebrating their special day. They wanted to keep things pretty simple, so we gathered with the groom’s family the day before to play on their farm. They were wonderful and we had a great time. The next day Leah and Ammon were married in the Manti temple and then headed off on their own. It was a beautiful day and they were such adorable newlyweds.

Wedding-088 Wedding-065

Brent wasn’t able to be there due to a previous grad school commitment, so I took his photo gear and assumed the role of wedding photographer. Such a scary job – I was nervous the whole time that I wasn’t getting it right. Leah’s dress was altered by a dear friend and costume director of Ballet West, David Heuvel. Instead of carrying a bouquet she wanted flowers in her hair (such a smart move).  Since being in nature is so important to Leah I worked with a florist at Every Blooming Thing to get flowers that resembled something you’d find in a field somewhere, then together we made the hair piece and boutonniere. Ammon found his amazing cowboy-tailored suit at a second hand store. He was very dapper. The two looked absolutely amazing together. It was their perfect day. Congrats, Lela. Love you.

Wedding-013 Wedding-018 Wedding-019Wedding-021 Wedding-023 Wedding-030 Wedding-033 Wedding-035Wedding-040Wedding-044Wedding-052Wedding-054Wedding-058Wedding-062Wedding-063Wedding-071Wedding-073Wedding-075Wedding-069Wedding-079Wedding-082Wedding-084Wedding-090Wedding-092Wedding-103Wedding-106Wedding-101

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Labor Day Hoorah

My parents were in town for Labor Day weekend and we spent Sunday playing around Salt Lake. We took them up to the Natural History Museum of Utah where we all got in touch with our inner child (who wouldn’t with all those dinosaurs around?!). We also hiked up to Cecret Lake at dusk. It was fun spending time one-on-one without any real plans. They’re pretty remarkable people and I feel blessed to hail from such wonderful souls.

NHMU-002 NHMU-003 NHMU-004 NHMU-005 NHMU-006 NHMU-007 NHMU-008 NHMU-009 NHMU-010 NHMU-011Cecrete Lake-001Cecrete Lake-002Cecrete Lake-003Cecrete Lake-004Cecrete Lake-005Cecrete Lake-006Cecrete Lake-007Cecrete Lake-008Cecrete Lake-009Cecrete Lake-010

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Life is all about perspective, and these street art pieces are a good reflection on that. The artists of these creative installations took something mundane and every-day and turned it into something worth a second look. It’s a nice reminder for life in general.

street-art-interacting-with-surroundings-20 street-art-interacting-with-surroundings-1 street-art-interacting-with-surroundings-4 street-art-interacting-with-surroundings-5street-art-interacting-with-surroundings-2Images from here. 

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August Skies & Changing Seasons

August was pretty incredible here in Salt Lake. We had more summer storms than usual which made for some really beautiful skies. I can’t believe we’re already in September and moving from summer to fall. I really love the nostalgia and anticipation of the changing seasons. There’s always something really special about this time of year.

clouds-001Not only are we changing from one season to another, but I’m starting a brand new job and looking forward to some busy and exciting months ahead. I’ve been with Ballet West for two and half years and it’s been an absolutely amazing experience. I’ve grown so much and worked with the most incredible people, but an opportunity came up that I just couldn’t pass on. I will now be working as the Manager of Festival Events for the Sundance Institute. Managing a team of 8 event coordinators executing 80 events over the 12 day Sundance Film Festival is a daunting task, but I’m so thrilled for the opportunity. It feels like the right place at the right time and I’m eagerly stepping up to the challenge. Here’s to a few more beautiful, calm skies before the storm.


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