Park City Getaway

Last Friday afternoon ended a very long work week with flowers from my sweet hubby, and surprise weekend plans. I came home from work early, and Brent spontaneously booked a room in Park City for an evening getaway. We found a really great deal and couldn’t resist the bargain.

We have been to Park City several times before, but always in the summer months for evening film festivals or outdoor music concerts. We can finally check a fall trip off our list. (Stay tuned for a possible winter trip in coming months.)

Driving up the canyon was beautiful. The reds and oranges are out, waiting for the yellows to join them any day now. After checking in we walked up to Main Street for some dinner. The air was still surprisingly warm, which we appreciated since we underestimated the length of our walk.

We ate delicious burgers and salad at Bandits Grill, followed by some mediocre hot chocolate at the Java Cow.

After some window shopping and book browsing we headed back to the room, ending the evening with some relaxation in the hotel’s hot tub (which we shared with some energetic 10 year old boys who entertained us by running back and forth from hot tub to pool, and jumping off precariously placed pool furniture).

After spending the better part of our Saturday morning lounging in our room, we packed up, checked out, and headed back to Main Street for lunch.

Park City, one of the few generous places that offers plenty of FREE public parking.

Brent and I have the uncanny  luck of happening upon amazing car shows. Most of the street was closed down to feature the 2010 Viper Owners Invitation show.

Vipers lined the street on both sides, in every color, and customized in every way. It was beautiful.

After checking out the cars we sat in the outdoor patio of Bistro American (which was actually French cuisine only) and ate salad, soup, panini and French soda done right.

It was a wonderful weekend, and a perfect getaway. Thanks, babe.

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  1. I’m so glad you have a blog now, it’ll be easier for me to keep up with you! I miss you!

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