Cupcake Chic

For all you cupcake lovers out there, (and I know you are no small number) I have found a place well worth indulging in. Cupcake Chic was started by Trista and DeAnn, a stellar mother-daughter team who began operations in their home back in 2007. Their gourmet, made-from-scratch cupcakes were such a hit that they recently opened a little cupcake shop in Orem.

We featured their business at an event with the Chamber this week, and I am happy to announce that come January Cupcake Chic will be featuring a gluten-free cupcake! I chatted with Trista about it last night, who said she has ordered her ingredients and will start playing in the kitchen very soon. Not only will they have a gluten-free option, but different days of the week  they’ll feature different flavors as well. It’s perfect for the sweet-loving gluten-free world!

Check out their blog for other seasonal and specialty cupcakes.

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