“Everyone knows the moon is made of cheese.” -Wallace

I have always loved cheese. Wallace and Gromit had it right–a trip to the moon to bring back cheese. I may have loved cheese in younger years, but I wasn’t really eating the good stuff. I still don’t stock the fridge with fresh wedges straight from the farm or the European countryside, but every now and then I splurge a little.

This last week I mulled over the fresh cheese section at our local Whole Foods and had a difficult time picking something to take home as a Thanksgiving appetizer. I finally settled on Campo de Montalban, a Spanish blend of goat, sheep and cow milk. To my satisfaction it was a very good choice.

A slice of gourmet cheese with a light rice cracker–heaven.

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2 Responses to Fromage

  1. Alyssa says:

    That sounds absolutely heavenly. I’m a sucker for cheese. I could stare at the cheese in Whole Foods for hours trying to decide what to buy. Yummm!

  2. I love the cheese section in Whole Foods. Unfortunately, I can always somehow justify buying several kinds instead of settling on making one decision.

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