Modern Utah- Part 1

It doesn’t take long living in Utah to realize there is a very distinct style of interior and exterior home decor. While the traditional, crafty, earth-tone look is beautiful in its own element, it’s not quite what I’m going for in my own home. Unfortunately for me, this is the prevalent style carried in almost all Utah furniture and home decor stores. I have been on the hunt for some authentic modern design stores, particularly with mid-century pieces.

After making a very exciting discovery the other day, I’ve decided to begin a ‘Modern Utah’ series of posts to help document the locations and venues available to those searching for the modern look in a state that doesn’t specifically cater to it. This is round one.

The Green Ant– 179 E Broadway (300 S.) SLC

As I was driving home a shop window on a downtown corner caught my eye. A beautiful George Nelson light hung over a vintage Eames chair. I quickly pulled over and walked into The Green Ant. As soon as I opened the door I felt like a kid in a candy shop. Vintage mid-century modern furniture and accessories filled the store from wall to wall, and all the space in between. My mouth dropped as I reached out to touch a classic Harry Bertoia wire chair.

As I wandered around the small store I chatted with the gregarious store owner Ron Green, who was putting a new pair of legs on a vintage side chair. As we talked his little bulldog Anna came wandering through the store looking for a place to sit down. She breathed heavily as she scuffed around and he directed comments at her occasionally. I felt as though I were being hosted in Ron’s own home among his most prized acquisitions.

Mr. Green finds authentic vintage pieces, fixes them up a little, and then features them in his store. Some of the furnishings are actually originals, while others are early replications. Either way, he has quite the eye!

Charles and Ray Eames- Molded Plastic Chair

Arne Jacobsen- Ant Chair

Ron and I chatted about his favorite pieces in the store, how he got into the business, and which designers inspire us. It was so fun to talk shop with a fellow enthusiast, and Ron assured me that though we are few in numbers, modern furnishings do have a small following in the area. In fact, he reached into a folder behind his desk and presented me with a car decal of an Eames molded wood chair. “I had these made. There are only about 60 of these out there,” he said, “And we are those who know what the sticker means.” Looks like I have been inducted into the group!

Verner Panton Chair

Eero Aarnio- Ball Chair

Harry Bertoia- Wire Chair

I will definitely be going back. And though I saw many pieces I would love to have in my home, this is the prize find of my visit. This orange beauty would be perfect for my living room!

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6 Responses to Modern Utah- Part 1

  1. Carrie says:

    What a great find! That’s one more reason for you to come to Portland… Mid Century Modern GALORE here! 🙂

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  5. Ron says:

    Thank you for the wonderful words warm hearted words, Ron.

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