Modern Utah- Part 2

I’ve been hunting for modern furniture in a state that doesn’t usually cater to the style. However, if you know where to look you can find some pretty wonderful gems. And that is the point of this project, determining where to look.

My last Modern Utah post highlighted vintage mid-century. While the used, vintage look is pretty charming, there is joy in buying something brand new. My next find is a mix of mid-century influence and contemporary. All shiny and all new.

Lofgren’s Contemporary Furniture– 3960 Highland Drive, SLC

Entering Lofgren’s is like walking into a well lit, well arranged living room. The designs and furnishings are set up in organized, individual room settings right down to the lighting and accessories. It’s beautiful, clean, and streamlined. The contemporary style is simple and elegant.

While the majority of the store is full of contemporary pieces, they also feature a few classic designs. They have adaptations and replicas of mid-century pieces, freshly minted and straight from the factory.

Le Corbusier Pony Chaise Lounge

Noguchi Coffee Table

George Nelson Pendent Lamps

An adapted version of the Wassily Lounge Chair

Lofgren’s is a fantastic place, with lots of great furnishings. It is clean, contemporary, and pleasant. The prices (far beyond my means) reflect a high-end production, which appears to be legitimate. I thoroughly enjoyed browsing both floors of their Salt Lake location.

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