Philippe Starck

I previously mentioned the work of Philippe Starck, and promised a post for another day. That’s today. This French designer is known as “L’enfant terrible,” the terrible child. His personality and humor come through in many of his designs, which range from furniture and architecture, to stylized household items like toothbrushes and juicers.

Focusing much of his efforts on industrial design, his pieces reflect organic sustainable features. Provocative in their own right, much of what he does emphasizes a cost effective, and utilitarian element. His designs are simultaneously beautiful and stylish.

He has been commissioned to design lounges, restaurants, and hotels around the world. Starck also provided relatively inexpensive designs to be manufactured and sold at Target. (Now you know where your stylish toilet cleaning brushes come from!)

Look him up and you’ll get an eye-full of fun exciting designs with personality and flare.

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