Fresh Start

Before the first week of 2011 slips by I am sitting down to lay out my resolutions for the new year. I love the chance at a fresh start, really attempting to apply myself in new ways. My list of resolutions and goals has become far too long, with countless personal improvements not worth mentioning here. However, there are a few fun goals I hope to be accomplishing throughout the year.

1. Go on my first century ride. (A 100 mile bike ride, drafting off Brent of course.)

2. Visit Zions and Arches National Park. (I’ve lived in Utah 4 years now, and have never spent the weekend hiking and photographing the state’s most popular outdoor gem. Pathetic, right?)

3. Read Tolstoy’s iconic War and Peace. (It’s 1,358 pages, and like 3 inches thick!)

4. Finally climb Mount Timpanogos. (Another iconic outdoor Utah experience I have yet to accomplish.)

5. Take an adult ballet class. (I’ve been putting it off far too long.)

6. Organize: A) all our photos and make albums for the last 3 1/2 years. B) all memorabilia and collectibles worth holding onto from year to year.

7. Find 3 organizations in the Salt Lake area providing valuable services to the homeless, handicapped, or mentally ill and volunteer my time.

8. Increase my homemade gluten-free baking repertoire. (I have been avoiding this one. Time to put that fantastic gf cook book Brent bought me 2 years ago to use!)

Wish me luck. What are you hoping to accomplish in 2011?

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3 Responses to Fresh Start

  1. Alyssa says:

    I so want to learn to dance! If you find an adult ballet class and you aren’t too ashamed of me to tell me when it is, I would love to be in it with you. If you have dance experience I wouldn’t recommend telling me b/c I have none. I do know I’m coordinated and I feel like I would be decent at it.
    I like how this comment has turned into me writing as if you are wanting to interview me as a potential dance friend.

    Good luck on your resolutions. They are all lovely.
    Also, Shane and I haven’t done the Zions or Arches and would love to do those too if you are looking for some company.

    • camellia says:

      Alyssa- I’ll let you know if I find a good place for an adult ballet class. And if we head down to Zions this spring we’ll be sure to let you and Shane know. It would be fun to make the treck together!

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