The Sartorialist

Fashion at its best isn’t always the images portrayed on the pages of Vogue, but rather the random ensembles of strangers on the street. Scott Schuman has the right idea. He previously worked directly in the fashion world, and has since begun his own project: The Sartorialist. This blog is dedicated to depicting fashion forward outfits worn in day to day life and found on the streets of cities like New York, Paris, Milan, and Seoul.

Schuman walks the streets, camera in hand, and photographs people who’s attire and accessories stand out to him. He then posts the images to his blog, which has an ever-increasing number of readers. He is featured in fashion magazines all over the world, asked to outline and shoot fashion campaigns, and recently released a book. He is an inspiration for fashion, but also for following a brilliant idea in the simplest way possible and being successful at what you love.

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