Muddy Trails at Sunset

Ensign Peak is an iconic overlook for the Salt Lake area. Atop the peak you can see from the mountains on the east all the way out to the Salt Flats on the west. If you hit the spot at just the right time the sun glistens off all the buildings as it dips to the horizon. It’s gorgeous.

On Monday we decided that since most of the snow had been rained out we would attempt a climb to the top. We went prepared for a bit of mud, but found a quasi-landslide. It was a mess! We did the best we could to stay off the trail and tromp through the slightly more stable earth under the grass and bushes. Of course we weren’t able to make our way to the top without getting stuck in a few muddy patches. It was still a blast, and the view from the top was well worth slogging through the mud. As we left a hail storm chased us as we scrambled down the hill.

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One Response to Muddy Trails at Sunset

  1. We love Ensign Peak, and you really caught a gorgeous sky that evening. Also, we’re amazed at the iPhone’s camera and Brent’s skills.

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