Jour D’Amour

A day devoted to love. Happiest of Valentine’s Days to you all! Even if you don’t have a special someone, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate the beauty and magic of love.

We had a home-made Valentines this year, and with a family funeral over the weekend we celebrated early. Brent came home last Thursday to colorful decorations hanging from the walls and fireplace, along with a well-prepared and romantic dinner at home. As far as we were concerned it was V-Day.

When we were younger Brent and I spent several years communicating through emails and letters. We learned to express ourselves in writing, something I have always loved. Being married and spending each day together we don’t have many opportunities to sit and write long love letters, so this year that is what I asked for. A home-made Valentines card with a well-thought and well-articulated letter of love. I have no doubt my sweetheart will deliver.

C’est l’amour.


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