Good Reads – Gone to New York

A few years ago Ian Frazier, American author and essayist, came to BYU to lecture within the humanities department. Of course the hubby and I jumped at the chance to hear him read and meet him afterwards. He’s a very nice guy, and I came home with a copy of Gone To New York – Adventures in the City, complete with the following hand-penned inscription:

All best to a fellow NYer – Camellia – With best regards from Ian Frazier

I have a special love for NYC. I lived in New York for over a year in between freshman and sophomore years of college. It is truly a magical place! Always something to see and do, amazing people to meet, and adventures to be had. Frazier’s book contains a collection of essays about the big apple.

His writing is clever, humorous, and observant. Essay topics range from discussions on NYC’s antipodes, subways, and cops, to Canal Street, apartment buildings, and the neighborhoods of Brooklyn. My favorite is a series of essays on plastic bags stuck in city trees.

His essays are a quick and entertaining read. Well worth a few minutes here and there, or full hour-long readings when you have more time.

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