Good Reads – The Sun Also Rises

A classic for any library is Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises. The book has been argued as the best modernist piece of American literature in its time. Based on Hemingway’s own 1925 trip to Spain, this post-war story is filled with the drinking, dancing, and dining of an expatriate group of friends traveling from Paris to Spain.

The story starts to feel a little redundant at times, articulating the same kind of evening escapades, altercations, and conversations day after day. However, you soon realize Hemingway is making a very poignant comment on his own live. He knows he is going in circles, leading a sad existence, and missing what could be important opportunities. Hemingway is making a statement about his own experience as what Gertrude Stein called The Lost Generation.

The story is mesmerizing and heartbreaking. When you realize Hemingway is trying to tell the honest situation of his own life, fully recognizing the frustrations and disillusionment of his generation, you can’t help but be impressed.

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