Good Reads – Born to Run

Last year, in preparation for his first triathlon, Brent purchased Christopher McDougall’s book Born to Run. We were both amazed and inspired by McDougall’s stories and findings. He delves into scientific studies, designs of the body, and the history of elite athletes to support the conclusion we were all born to run. Whether we feel it or not, McDougall says running is built-in to the framework of human nature.

McDougall takes you from the high-tech science labs of Harvard where studies are done on the human foot and the development of athletic shoes, to the offices of anthropologists who say the first hunters most likely ran their prey to death, to the Copper Canyons of Mexico where the Tarahumara indians hold a 50 mile race through mountains. He covers the increasingly popular form of barefoot running and the 5-finger craze. He introduces colorful characters dedicated to the joy of running hundreds of miles, people who find their cadence and go on running for entire days.

The book is filled with interesting studies and facts, stories and experiences. McDougall himself takes a trip down to Mexico and participates in the Tarahumara’s ritualistic race. You will come away from this book wanting to run, feeling the itch in your legs to get out and go somewhere by the means of your own propulsion and strength.

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2 Responses to Good Reads – Born to Run

  1. Mom says:

    Did you know the clay pot I bought near Philmont (1997?) is from Copper Canyon and was crafted by a Tarahumara native? According to the museum curator, the natives were basically still living as they had since the Spanish conquerers invaded. It’s supposed to be a beautiful place. The run is probably pretty incredible.

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