I have to say, I love going to live shows. There is something so fantastic about the loud energy of listening to your favorite musicians, jumping and swaying with hundreds of strangers as equally happy to be there as you, and singing lyrics at the top of your lungs. Brent and I were lucky enough to see Arcade Fire this week, a band we have been wanting to see live for a very long time. They were incredible! I love their sound; it’s one of a kind.

As wonderful as the show was, getting there and then getting in was a nightmare. The parking, pat downs, camera regulations, and security were not very accommodating. We almost didn’t get to see any of the opening band, Local Natives. Sometimes the hassel of concert logistics can almost put a damper on the whole experience. I’ve been to concerts in places like LA and NYC that had more lenient regulations! Anyway, it was still a great show, and an incredible night with my favorite person.

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2 Responses to Concert-Going

  1. Erin Psillos says:

    Ok you two are the most adorable couple ever! I want you to have kids soon, but at the same time I don’t want this phase of your life to end. You are the perfect little posh couple, going to concerts, eating at fancy little restaurants, hanging at the bar sipping tea while chatting with the owner in your trendy little scarfs and sweaters with your stylish hair….love it! Love your life! Zeke and I are coming up to Utah in 2 weeks so make some time for us!! Zeke can’t wait to meet you guys!

    • camellia says:

      Erin you are too nice, and too cute. ‘Posh,’ ‘stylish,’ ‘trendy,’….. hardly!?! We just have fun being together and trying new things. You and Rich are the ones with stories of world travel! And yes, I definitely want to see you and little Zeke in a couple weeks. Can’t wait to meet him!

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