Mr. Chaplin

Yesterday was Charlie Chaplin’s birthday. Genius of American cinema, agile acrobat, visionary director, accomplished musician, and master of the silent film, Chaplin was quite an amazing person. I watched just about every Chaplin film growing up. I’m still a huge fan, and I think he’s one of the most talented artists of  his craft. Happy birthday Mr. Chaplin, a day late.

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4 Responses to Mr. Chaplin

  1. My uncle use to be his room mate. They lived in a very large mansion up by Griffith Park in Los Angeles, just north of Hollywood. My uncle was a very famous cameraman at MGM back in the day. He said he always had to remind him to shower…haaaaa

  2. Mom Rowland says:

    Sweet, Bryce was born on the same day, thats good to know. Its always fun to see who was born on your day!

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