Good Reads: Annie Leibovitz at Work

Annie Leibovitz is one of America’s most influential photographers. She has photographed for Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone, and has an incredible portfolio of celebrity portraiture. She’s capable of developing very close connections with her subjects, allowing her to produce some of the most memorable and intimate photographs. In the book Annie Leibovitz at Work, an impressive collection of these images is featured with Leibovitz’s personal stories and comments. It makes for a valuable addition to any library.

It’s always fascinating to read how artists are inspired, what leads to their best work, and the kinds of experiences they have as they attempt to be true to themselves and create original pieces of art. This book has been a source of inspiration and beauty in our home.

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4 Responses to Good Reads: Annie Leibovitz at Work

  1. Kristin K says:

    I bought this book, and a book called “Faces of Sunset” by Patrick Ecclesine at the same time, because they tied in 2009 for the SCIBA Best Photography Book Award.
    While I liked Annies book a lot, because she explains how and why the images came about, I actually liked the lighting and technique of Patrick Ecclesine a little more, Which surprised me cause I’m a huge fan of Annie Leibovitz.
    If you like Celebrity photography, or just portraits in general.. I highly reccomend checking it out!

  2. Reynaldo says:

    I really liked how Annie Leibovitz described her early days at Rolling Stone; those were free wheeling times. Also it’s especially inspiring to learn about her technique. I liked how she says that she likes to use one light source, typically an umbrella, but that you need to be prepared to use one behind camera for fill. She is truly the greatest photographer who ever lived and it’s good that she is somewhat revealing of her technical process.

    And I second that Patrick Ecclesine’s Faces of Sunset Boulevard is an incredible book. I found this link to the award he shares with Leibovitz Patrick Ecclesine and Annie Leibovitz win

    • camellia says:

      I agree, Reynaldo. It’s nice to hear a behind-the-scene take on how she worked and set up her shots. Thanks for the link. I’m excited to see more of Ecclesine’s work.

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