Hair Feathers

Colored feathers are the new thing. Not in jewelry or accessories, but in hair.  Last week I saw a girl with a long, thin, rooster feather tied in her hair like an extension. I thought it was really cute, and then I read this NY Times article and it all made sense. It’s a new fad, and I love it!

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4 Responses to Hair Feathers

  1. I totally saw a girl on the ferry with these today. Except her hair was really poorly bleached and her extensions were tacky and obvious, but nonetheless, I thought of this post and your newfound love for the feather hair!

    • camellia says:

      Yeah Meghan, it takes just the right look to pull it off without coming across grungy. And I’d rather have just one or two, as apposed to a whole slew of feathers in my hair. But either way, I still think it’s fun!

  2. Check out our facebook page, we came up with a do it yourself feathers for your hair.

  3. facebook page is “feathersforfrance wade-cherry”

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