Finally Going for It

It’s official; we finally purchased tickets to NYC. I’ve wanted to take Brent for a very long time, and when we found great ticket prices for the week of our anniversary we couldn’t pass it up. It was time to just go for it. June couldn’t come fast enough.

Of course visiting Manhattan is twice as exciting now that I have a brother living in Brooklyn. We’ve already started making our ‘To-Do/See” list, and having lived in New York for a while I have plenty to add. If you were headed to The Big Apple, what would be at the top of your list?

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5 Responses to Finally Going for It

  1. Brittany says:

    Going to the MET would be at the top of mine!!! So glad I found your blog Camellia! Congrats on the exciting trip!

    • camellia says:

      Thanks, Brittany! It’s great to have you stop by. And I agree, the MET is a magical place. I could spend half my time wandering the halls and still need to go back for more!

  2. Jon and are are so happy we went to NYC when we did, and I’m so excited for you. Being proxy during sealings in the Manhattan temple and visiting MoMA and Ellis Island are my favorite memories from our trip.

  3. Alyssa says:

    When are you guys going? Shane’s work is taking him out there in June and I need to find a cheap ticket…what airline did you find it on?

    • camellia says:

      We are flying JetBlue, Alyssa. If you can snag a flight during weekdays the prices are really reasonable. We will be out there the 3rd week of June.

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