Premier Picnic

This last weekend was 70 degrees and sunny! It was incredible. A week ago it felt like everything was still bare and frozen, but in a week’s time Salt Lake has come to life. We walked around the outskirts of temple square to capture the flowers (which were amazing), then headed to Liberty Park for the first picnic of the year.

The park was bustling. Everyone was out taking advantage of the incredible weather. Being the largest park in the downtown area, it attracts all types of people. The following groups made the outing that much more wonderful:

1. A group of hula-hooping hippies with colorful, flowing skirts

2. The Irish string band who’s music was broadcast throughout the whole park with their portable PA system

3. The couple with a bright pink dog stroller, complete with a parasol on top, and small doggy accessory-bag on bottom

4. A photographer posing her engaged couple in the classic hug-around-the-tree pose that makes me wince

5. Two older women explaining to a little girl in soaking wet clothing what chafing is

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