U2 360

On Monday afternoon I spontaneously joined my co-workers in purchasing U2 concert tickets for the next night. I’d been following the hype for the show, and I’ve always been a huge U2 fan, but I assumed tickets were well beyond what I wanted to pay. I was pleasantly surprised to find that wasn’t the case, so I snatched up 2 right away.

Although I’m a bigger fan of the older U2, both in music and image, they are one of those bands everyone should see live at least once. (Have you noticed their music is used for the World Cup, and the Olympics? Like when the whole world gets behind something, it’s to the soundtrack of U2.) And instead of an American or European Tour, they decided to tackle the WHOLE WORLD. The show did not disappoint!

The set was incredible and HUGE. ‘The Claw,’ as it’s been named, had intricate parts that were always changing, moving, and lighting up in different colors. You never knew what the stage would look like next, as you can see from the pictures. The LCD panels in the middle displayed live footage, graphics, and lights. They moved horizontally, they moved vertically, they spread out to fill the entire space. The circular catwalk was complete with moving bridges – bridges the band members used for theatrical strolls toward different areas of the arena. Smoke machines were used, laser lights were plentiful, and a giant disco ball at the very top of the structure turned the whole place into a high school dance floor during ‘With Or Without You.’ The goal of having a 360 degree performance was definitely successful, and I’m sure there wasn’t a bad seat in the house.

The best part of the show – ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday,’ and a request that the lights be turned off and we all take our cell phones out to light the arena and think about loved ones before ‘Moment of Surrender.’ The worst part – Bono, in a red-laser LCD jacket, swinging slowly from a circular mic (also red-lit and glowing)  that lowered from above.  Two crew members followed closely with smoke machines, and when it was all over he sent his jacket up to the rafters on the retreating mic. (Sometimes that Bono takes himself a little too seriously, and in the most ridiculous ways.) However, I must say he is the ultimate showman.

All in all it was an incredible show and a fantastic experience. Utah kept with this year’s weather theme and chilled off to the 40’s for the show. Yes we were bundled up, and it’s the end of May. But I’m so happy we went, because there’s really nothing like it. They put on an extremely entertaining show, and hit their songs 100%. The music was amazing. It was epic.

Brent pieced together videos from his iPhone and made this. Enjoy a little taste of the show!


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One Response to U2 360

  1. AE Jones says:

    Awesome recap! Loved the video. What an incredible stage.

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