Chevron Glory

I’ve been wanting a piece of artwork for our bedroom, and in almost four years of marriage haven’t been able to find the right piece. I wanted something unframed, preferably on a matted canvas or board, with bold colors and a simple design. I’m no artist, but I’ve had the urge to try and create something myself lately. After deciding on the pattern I wanted (which shouldn’t surprise anyone – I’ve had a crush on chevron patterns for years) all I had to do was search out a stencil online. I actually found a very helpful tutorial here, and went to work.

Work is just what I got. It took a lot of time and back-ache. In the end it didn’t turn out exactly as I hoped, but that’s life. (I was able to tape off the gray lines, but when it came time to paint the orange, I had to do it by hand – a very imperfect hand.) I also wish I had left them white and gray, instead of orange and gray. Our walls are white, and since we decided not to paint a rental we won’t be in forever, I didn’t want to add another element of white. But now I’m almost wishing I had. It’s cleaner and easier on the eye.

I learned a lot doing this project, and hopefully the next time around it will turn out exactly how I want. The discounted canvases at Michaels, a couple tubes of paint, and a new brush made the whole project a whopping $33. I think I can live with imperfection for that price.

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2 Responses to Chevron Glory

  1. Brad says:

    Super C,
    Next time it might be easier to get crisp lines if you paint your background first, in this case the orange/red color, and then use your stencil and paint the black. Then you don’t have to freehand and you get nice crisp lines. They look great though.

    • camellia says:

      Nice tip. Thanks, Brad. I thought about doing that, but wasn’t sure if the tape I used to make the pattern would peel up the acrylic paint if stuck directly to it. I’ll have to try it next time and see.

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