Every year we have a few weeks of rain that make me wish I had a fantastic pair of galoshes. But every year I tell myself, “This isn’t Seattle, the rain will be over in a couple days and you won’t use them again for a year.” However, 2011 would have been a good time to give in and purchase some wellies! We have had more rain than ever before; weeks and weeks worth. (I feel like I’m living in the Northwest!) I’m hoping it’s over now, so I think once again I missed my chance. But I’ve been eye-balling these in possible preparation for next year. I think I’ll stick to a classic black or gray when the time comes, but the other colors and patterns are pretty fun!

Galoshes from L.L. Bean.

Wellies by Evercreatures.

Gumboots by Golly Galosh.

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