Future Forms

A couple weeks ago we stopped in at the Future Form Designs booth at the SLC Farmer’s Market. They’re a local studio specializing in ego-friendly, concrete molded home fixtures and furnishings. From floors and countert-tops, to sinks, benches, and planter boxes, they can do it all. I love the look of their sleek, clean designs.

(Images from here.)

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3 Responses to Future Forms

  1. I love concrete countertops. We looked into it for our house but alas, they are too expensive so we’re choosing a non-flashy granite instead.

    • camellia says:

      Still a good choice, Meghan. Are you guys building your own place?

      • We are building our own place. Jon’s parents subdivided their 10 acres while we were on our missions, and they haven’t been able to sell the land. So early this year when we were trying to figure out what to do with our living situation (the original plan was to stay with Jon’s folks for 2 months tops), they presented us with the opportunity to build a custom house on their lower 7 acres. It’s a joint project, obviously, since we couldn’t possibly do this financially at this point without them, but we’ll own the house within 5 years, and the land within 10. Anyway, we found a plan we love and tweaked it here and there and we are full swing into things now, with the house being scheduled to be move-in ready sometime this fall. I can’t believe how much work it is to select every little thing for my own house, but it’s mostly fun, just stressful when I have our builder and subs on my back for not making timely enough decisions. For instance, today I HAVE to get the cabinets sorted out or I’ll probably cause a couple nervous breakdowns. It’s all very exciting, though, and we can’t wait to live in our own place again. To say staying with Jon’s parents has been difficult would probably be an understatement, but we’re all working on it.

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