Arrested Development Legos

Brent and I are huge Arrested Development fans. The show is witty, creative, well-written, and hilarious. Even though it only ran for 3 seasons, there’s a large and very devoted fan base. The other day Brent found this amazing lego set based on the show. It perfectly portrays each character, and has a fantastic collection of detailed accessories – the Bluth stair car, Gob’s segway and Franklin puppet, Lucille’s wine glass, and Buster’s hook. (You may remember I also posted on the modern Architecture lego set. I guess I just can’t help myself.) If you know anything about the show, this should really make you laugh. I absolutely love it.

(Images from here.)

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One Response to Arrested Development Legos

  1. Erin Psillos says:

    hahaha! So cool! I’d love to get these for our kids. Zeke already loves Arrested Development. I love the Blue Man Tobias. “I just blued myself”

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