Backyard Project

This is probably something we should have done at the beginning of summer, but we don’t always follow the norm around here. Since we’ve been out in our backyard a lot more lately (including very early morning trips with a whiny pup) we decided it was time to do something about the giant patches of dirt. Our landlord doesn’t lift a finger more than necessary, so we made a few small improvement ourselves.

Here is the before and after:

It started with a trip to Home Depot to collect wood chips, a hoe, a shovel, some black weed tarp, a small cedar fence, and a few solar lights. We had to level out the dirt and make 2 inches of recess for the chips. All the displaced dirt was then spread out under the hedges on the side yard.

We laid down a black weed net, the evenly poured out the wood chips. We moved the garbage cans around to the side of the house, and put up a small dividing fence to tie things off. It was a tedious, dirty process, but we had a great time.

And voila, our little patio is now a place we enjoy spending time. In fact, once we finished we threw some steak on the grill, lit the tiki lamps and had ourselves a little bonfire.

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One Response to Backyard Project

  1. Lovely. I enjoy a good landscaping success story!

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