Mingus at the Market

This weekend we took Mingus to the farmer’s market with us. Since he’s only 9 weeks and hasn’t had his second shots we planned on holding him for most of the outing. All the new sights, sounds, and smells made him cautious at first but halfway around the loop he started to get real squirmy and curious. We let him walk a little in some less populated areas, and he was loving it.

I couldn’t believe the responses we got from people around us. They acted like he was by far the cutest thing they had EVER seen, and very readily validated such statements. I saw women stop in their tracks and clasp their hands together in glee, children point obviously and tug at a parent’s pant leg while stating they wanted to take one home, old people shuffle by slowly and loudly make proclamations on his size. I felt very conspicuous, as if I were pulling along an elephant rather than a small puppy. It was a very enjoyable trip though, and we went home with a bag of fresh apples and peaches to boot.

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