Trains, Pumpkins, and Cheese

The other week Brent’s grandparents came up for a fall visit. We decided to cruise over to Midway and Heber and surprise them with a ride on the Heber Creeper Train. On the way we stopped at a cheese farm, and a hill-top veteran’s memorial. The colors all over the valley were incredible.

Upon arrival at the train station we quickly realized our time slot was that of the Pumpkin Patch ride. I love a good pumpkin patch, but an hour and half in an old cramped train with crazy screaming children gets to be a little much – especially when the train never exceeds 25 miles per hour. In the end, the patch was actually a small cement platform with several barrels of hay and hundreds of pumpkins lying around. (Not exactly what I was hoping for.)

Even though the experience varied from what we imagined it would be, we all had a good time anyway. It was fun to surprise the grandparents and treat them to a ride. They’re incredible people, and we’re lucky to have them visit as often as they do.

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