Midnight in Paris

We’re a little behind the times, but we finally saw Midnight in Paris last weekend. From what I’ve seen, it’s Woody Allen’s best so far. It’s about a writer (Owen Wilson) visiting Paris and trying to find the inspiration to finish his novel. He has a fascination with the 1920s – everything from the Lost Generation of writers, the music of Cole Porter, and the all-night parties that move from cafe to cafe. Each night at midnight he finds himself transported to the era of the 1920s, where he meets Ernest Hemingway, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Picasso, Gertrude Stein, and a stunning woman named Adriana (Marion Cotillard). They talk writing and art, drink lavishly, and dance.

The movie is charming, humorous, picturesque, and extremely entertaining. The film starts out with 5 minutes of classic Parisian accordion music and images from the streets and corners of the City of Lights. About 3 seconds into the film Brent turned to me and said, “You love this already, don’t you?” Of course I nodded enthusiastically. Nothing makes me happier than the sound of accordions and the sites of beautifully quaint cafes and cobblestone streets. I highly recommend a viewing.

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