We spent 4 days with family in Arizona last week. It was wonderful! Though we were expecting more sunshine and warmth we still had a great time seeing both of Brent’s grandparents and my complete immediate family. We haven’t had all my siblings together in a couple years, so it was fun to have the complete Lauritzen dynamic once again. There are some pretty incredible people in my life. Here’s what our trip looked like, according to my iPhone.

We helped Brent’s grandpa set up his woodwork for a community event, took a few night walks and looked at the incredibly bright Arizona stars, went to a Rockies & A’s baseball game, wandered old town Scottsdale, kicked the ball around at the park, took walks and played with my niece (you can tell we TOTALLY adore this girl), helped my brother with a backyard landscaping project, went out for some amazing Mexican food, had a light-saber war with giant glow sticks, and celebrated a couple birthdays and a soon-to-be-born baby. It was a very nice week, and I have an amazing family. I feel very blessed.

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