Lecture at The Leonardo

Last weekend we went to a special after hours lecture at The Leonardo Museum in downtown. The subject was Olympians; how they maintain their physical prime, and the role of scientific innovation. The lecture featured a discussion with Olympic gold medalist Bill Demong and Dr. Troy Flanagan, High Performance Director for the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association.

The topic was fascinating, highlighting the advances science and physics have made within the olympic world. How air moves across a sky jumper’s body, how the measurement of oxygen levels at different elevations affect the performance, what difference the right kind of swimsuit material makes in the speed of a swimmer, and so on. The presentation was very insightful and extremely accessible for the average non-Olympian. Held once a quarter, I’m sure we’ll be attending another After Hours event in the future. The museum is pretty impressive for a fairly young establishment.

Afterward we headed over to Vinto, a favorite spot for gluten free pizza and fresh arugula salad. Not only do I love the food, but the design is also pretty fantastic.

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