Frida Bistro

If you’re looking for a new take on Mexican food, something a little more gourmet and a lot less greasy, Frida Bistro is the right place. The food is exceptional, the presentation is creative, and the decor is fantastic. We took Brent’s little brother for dinner when he was visiting last weekend. I’d been before on a business lunch, and loved everything about my experience. Our server informed me that everything on the menu was gluten free, with the exception of 2 choices. Not bad!

Though the dinner prices were more expensive than our usual allowance, the food was so delicious. Our meal came with two complimentary sample hors d’oeuvres, one of which I could have eaten as my entire meal it was so good. Everyone was happy with their entre choice, and we all left happy and full. (But not so stuffed we were sick; it was perfect.)

The restaurant is located in a semi-industrial area of Salt Lake. Don’t let the neighborhood fool you though, and be sure to make a reservation on the weekend. (We didn’t call ahead and got a pretty nasty response from the hostess because of it. Apparently they’re one of the few spots left in the city that runs on reservations.)

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