On Saturday we went up to Ogden to see the National Collegiate Cycling race. Surprisingly, it was a very chilly May 5th, with a strong breeze that didn’t help the temperature feel any warmer. The course was just over a mile long, and it circled several blocks in the downtown area. Each crit lasted about an hour, during which time we slowly walked the perimeter of the course to see the race from multiple angles. The wonderful thing about a crit race is they just circle the course and you can see the group pass you over and over. Cycling is so fun to watch live, but the crashing is brutal. We saw two crashes on Saturday, one was at the start of the FINAL lap! Heartbreaking.

We took Mingus on the outing with us, and he was a champ. (Except his eager puppy play did startle an older dog who didn’t think he was very cute or amusing.) After the first race we stopped in at El Matador for some dinner. It smelled amazing, and was located conveniently right along the course. We ordered our food to go and sat along the sidewalk watching the second race go by, over and over. The food was delicious, our very own Cinco de Maio celebration, and the spectating was fantastic. If you get the chance I highly recommend watching a crit cycling race while eating Mexican food. It makes for a great evening. Brent came home with some stellar photos as well.

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