A Memorial Day Project

Yesterday was Memorial Day and we spent most of our time visiting veterans at three different cemeteries here in the Salt Lake area. The holiday has unfortunately turned into a kind of shopping, BBQing, camping, extravaganza. While there’s nothing wrong with spending time outdoors with family, we wanted to place a special focus on the real reason for the holiday – the men and women who have sacrificed for our country. We decided we’d dedicate our day to meeting them and hearing their stories, capturing several in a simple photo series. Brent did a wonderful job documenting the local veterans who were out visiting graves and attending ceremonies. It was a very touching experience.

The more we spoke with these men and women the more we realized how important the idea of this project was to them. They were happy to see a focus on the heros who have fallen and honor given to those who are still here. We met some incredible people who made extraordinary sacrifices. It was an emotional day for me, and as I thought about the great loss the world has seen as a result of war I couldn’t hold back the tears. It seems such a senseless thing, such a terribly sad blight on the history of mankind. I’m very grateful to those who serve our country and do their best to protect freedom around the world. It is a very noble and heroic thing.

See the full collection of veteran portraits on Brent’s blog here, and photos from the day on his website here. Happy Memorial Day to all those who’ve served in the past, and are currently serving. We appreciate all you have done.

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