Bikes, Dogs, & Street Eating

This last weekend was the Tour of Utah, which meant I spent 2 days in the August sun directing volunteers and watching cyclists. It was busy and hot, but a lot of fun. I’ll admit, it’s good to have this event out of the way. For the second year in a row I was asked to help coordinate and direct the Tour volunteers, and it has been a huge undertaking. This was all outside of my day job, so I’m wiped out and ready to focus on just one organization the rest of the year.

I was lucky to have my sister tag along and keep me company both days, and on Sunday we even took Mingus with us. Park City was hosting both the Tour and Park Silly Market so the streets were packed with people, performers, and lots of canines. I love how dog-friendly Park City is. We ate lunch on the sidewalk patio of Bistro 412, one of my favorite spots up there, and Mingus sat patiently under the table drinking water from a small dish, people watching, and licking a lemon. It was a nice weekend.

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