Bound for AZ

This weekend I’m winging my way to Arizona to play Auntie Camellia to an adorable niece and a brand new nephew. I can’t wait to cuddle that new baby boy, build bunk-bed forts with the imaginative little girl, and spend time catching up with my brother and his wife. I plan to do some serious lounging by the pool as well, because when you’re in AZ in late August you just must. Here are a few things necessary for a trip to see family in the sun. My bags are packed and I’m off! Happy weekend. 

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One Response to Bound for AZ

  1. Erin Psillos says:

    Cousin how long will you be in AZ? Just the weekend? I hope so because Zeke and I are coming to Utah next week and I was hoping to see your beautiful face! We’ll be there from the 5th to the 11th. Pencil us into your busy schedule!

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