Single Digits

It’s been SO cold here in Salt Lake lately. I’m talking nothing higher than 20 degrees for over a week, spending lots of time in the single digits. It’s usually around 6 degrees when I drive to work in the morning. That block and a half walk from the car to my office is pretty bitter cold. Naturally I feel like I’m always wearing half my wardrobe to stay warm. It’s definitely the season for layers – long sleeves, thick sweaters, big coats. I’m really loving the ones below.


1. Red Hooded Parka from ChicNova.
2. Shawl Cardigan from La Garconne.
3. Striped Hoodie from Scotch Shrunk.
4. Black Lapel Sweater from SheInside.

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2 Responses to Single Digits

  1. Erin Psillos says:

    Ugghhh!! That sounds miserable! I was crying today about how cold it is here in Southern California! I can’t imagine how stupidly cold it is up there! I hate the cold!

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