Snow Day

I tried to make it to work this morning, but Mother Nature had different plans. It’s been snowing heavily since yesterday afternoon – all through the night, into the morning, and still going strong. After a very slow, slippery, nerve-wracking drive home yesterday I opted for the bus and train this morning. I bundled up and trudged through knee-high snow the 4 blocks to the bus stop. I waited for over an hour, no bus. But there were plenty of other stranded people to keep me company, including a line of very slow moving bumper-to-bumper cars stretched as far as I could see in both directions. When I couldn’t feel my hands or feet anymore, I decided to retreat. After stopping to help push out a couple cars, and chat with a snow-blowing neighbor, I finally made it home to defrost. Roundtrip – 2.5 hours. I’ll be working from the couch today.

Heavy Snow-005Heavy Snow-003Heavy Snow-004Heavy Snow-008Heavy Snow-007

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