The last couple weeks I’ve been volunteering at several special events for the Sundance Film Festival up in Park City. I won’t get into how disappointing the overall experience was, but I did get to see a couple incredible movies. I saw The Crash Reel and Which Way Is the Front Line From Here? Both were feature documentaries and incredibly well done. In particular, Which Way Is the Front really hit Brent and I hard because it’s all about Tim Hetherington and his incredible contributions to war documentation, in photo and film.  I wrote about the impact of his work and his film Restrepo back in 2011 before he was killed, and I was very touched. We’re pretty familiar with his story, so we were very excited to see the film. After the screening there was a Q&A with the director, Sebastian Junger, and a war photographer who spent a lot of time with Hetherington over the last 15 years. It was touching to hear stories of Hetherington’s life. He focused on showing the humanity, camaraderie, and raw essence of human nature in times of extreme conflict and struggle, and he came away with some superb images. We were both brought to tears, and if you’re looking for an inspiring film that gives you a glimpse of something incredible, put this on your list.


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