Pasadena, CA

This year’s been the hardest winter in all 6 years of living in Utah. I’ve let the cold and gray gloom get to me. My sweet husband decided to surprise me with a quick weekend trip to CA to soak up some sun, get away from the stress, and be with good friends… also kind of a late Valentine’s gift. We flew out over the long President’s Day weekend and had such a wonderful time. An amazing long-time friend, Alyssa, and her incredible new husband, Paul, hosted us at their place in Pasadena. We stayed close to home for the majority of the time, with a quick trip to Silver Lake and Santa Monica.

Pasadena 1-1

The first day we visited Paul at Art Center and headed down to Silver Lake to grab lunch and browse the local boutiques. Afterwards we headed back to Old Pasadena and wandered about, stopping in at a coffee shop and visiting some fabulous antique and design stores. We drove by the Father of the Bride and Mad Men houses on our way home to make dinner and spend the evening with more good friends and food.

Pasadena 1-2Pasadena 1-3Pasadena 1-4Pasadena 1-5Pasadena 1-6Pasadena 1-7Pasadena 1-8Pasadena 1-9Pasadena 1-10Pasadena 1-11Pasadena 1-12Pasadena 1-13

Day two we woke up late to that wonderful California sun streaming in the windows and filling the living room with warmth. After delicious gluten free banana bread and green smoothies for breakfast we headed into the Pasadena hills for some hiking. The views were stunning, and the weather was gorgeous. We stopped at The Luggage Room for lunch then went back to the house to change and get ready for an evening in Santa Monica with Brent’s brother, Bryan. It was so nice to see him… and the ocean! After dinner near the promenade we just strolled along the beach a bit before calling it a night.

Pasadena 1-14Pasadena 1-15Pasadena 1-16Pasadena 1-17Pasadena 1-18Pasadena 1-19Pasadena 1-20Pasadena 1-21Pasadena 2-2Pasadena 2-1Pasadena 2-3

Day three was another gloriously warm and sunny SoCal day. I decided to take advantage of it and wear shorts – in February! It was heaven and we asked ourselves several times why we don’t still live in California. That morning we spent time in downtown Pasadena, ate at an incredible burger joint, stopped into the famous Old Focus shop, and a Design Within Reach storefront. Since I love architecture and design I couldn’t spend time in the area and not visit the Gamble House. We also took a quick driving tour of Bungalow Heaven . We rounded out the night with a little old-friend/new-friend get together at Otis Bar and then hit up the best taco truck ever on the way to the airport.

Pasadena 2-4Pasadena 2-5Pasadena 2-6Pasadena 2-7Pasadena 2-8Pasadena 2-9Pasadena 2-10Pasadena 2-11Pasadena 2-12Pasadena 2-13Pasadena 2-14Pasadena 2-15Pasadena 2-16 Pasadena 2-17 Pasadena 2-18Pasadena 2-19 Pasadena 2-20 Pasadena 2-21 Pasadena 2-22 Pasadena 2-23 Pasadena 2-24 Pasadena 2-25 Pasadena 2-26 Pasadena 2-27 Pasadena 2-28 Pasadena 2-29I wish we could have stayed longer, but the time we had was fabulous. We’re back home in the winter of Utah, plotting ways to return to CA sometime soon.

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