Beverly Hills Hotel – 100 Years

Brent and I love coffee table books. They most often have beautiful images, large pages, straight-forward information and serve as a nice piece of decor in the home. Like all books in our collection, they tell others a little more about us and what we’re interested in. We’ve decided to try and purchase one new coffee table book every month this year. Whether we find it in a bookstore, second-hand shop, or gallery, we plan to carefully choose things that will further serve as an expression of self. If the books can commemorate a trip or event/activity – even better. One book that may be up for consideration is Beverly Hills Hotel The First 100 Years, a new photo book commemorating 100 years at the pink palace. The hotel is steeped in history, elegance, and a pretty impressive list of Hollywood activity. Stars were discovered, weddings were held, parties were hosted, movies were filmed, all on the grounds of this iconic Beverly Hills landmark. It’s amazing to see how much city has been built up around the property. A lot changes in 100 years.

slide_225432_958679_free(Image from here.)

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