When I was little the eye doctor told me I needed glasses, but they never made my vision better, and only gave me terrible headaches instead. My mom and I suspected a possible scam. I’ve since never owned a pair of eye glasses. I know a lot changes in 20+ years, so I’m considering a quick visit to the optometrist just to see how my eyes have aged. I’ll admit, I’m one of those people who always thought wearing glasses was cool. (I had a 3rd-grade crush on the class nerd with the classic coke-bottle 80’s glasses.) But I never wanted to be the person wearing stylish frames without a need. When we visited Pasadena the other weekend we stopped in at Old Focals, a vintage frame shop that provided glasses for Django Unchained, Mad Men, Ocean’s 11, and The Aviator (among others). I tried on a few unique frames – what do you think?

(Click the image to make the gif live and see the changing spectacles.)


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