Two Months

I’ve been away from the blog for about two months now. Every time I thought about sitting down to pick up the posts I was sidetracked with something else going on, and believe me, there’s been a lot going on. Here’s a little list, just to recap a bit:

1. I had 3 Ballet West events, one of which was the annual Fashion Show – a beast of an evening that we hosted in our production warehouse and took up every ounce of my time, patience, and talent to pull off without a hitch. But it was lovely, so I’m thrilled.
2. We lost Brent’s Grandpa and made a trip to AZ for the funeral and a weekend with family. It was wonderful to see everyone, but hard to say goodbye to an incredible man.
3. Brent was accepted to the University of Utah’s MFA program in film. He starts grad school in August and we’re really excited. I’m proud of all his hard work.
4. We moved downtown to be closer to work, school, and everything else. Packing up our spacious Sugar House duplex and cramming into a downtown condo was quite the feat. We had to downsize quite a bit and we’re still going through a coule boxes of storage.
5. My Grandma passed away and we hosted my whole family in our new little place for the funeral. Another bitter sweet reunion with cousins, uncles, aunts, and such.
6. We’re moving our work offices this next month, so we’ve been boxing up our cubicles and going through old files.
7. We made a quick trip to San Francisco to see family and friends and work on a few film projects Brent has going on this summer.

ggp-001I’m back at it and trying to stay on top of everything this summer.

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