Modern Homes Tour

This last weekend was the annual Mid-Century Modern homes tour for Salt Lake Modern. Of course I jumped at the chance to see a few historic mid-century homes. Lucky for me my parents were passing through town and they love that kind of stuff. The three of us headed up to Olympus Cove and made our way from house to house. There were only 4, and photography wasn’t allowed inside most of them, so there’s not too much to see by way of pictures. You’ll just have to trust me it was amazing! If you get a chance to walk through next year you should take it. I believe they feature a different area of Salt Lake each year, bringing out the historic mid-century homes from each neighborhood. The floor plans, furnishings, and functionality of these homes is a very beautiful thing. I was giddy as a school girl.

photo 1 (1)ModernHomes1ModernHomes2ModernHomes3ModernHomes4

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2 Responses to Modern Homes Tour

  1. Thanks for the nice blog post on our tour last weekend. Glad you and the ‘rents could make it and enjoyed it. Hope to see you in the fall for our next event. – Salt Lake Modern

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