I love fox prints and paraphernalia. I think since getting an orange-faced yorkie that reminds me of a fox that love has only grown. You may recall I adore elephants and have planned on incorporating them into a baby room at some point (in part as a memory of my Grandma, who collected elephant figurines, and in part because they are honestly one of my favorite animals.) I think the fox motif may end up in the room as well. I guess that establishes the color pallet though, right? Good thing orange and gray go so well together. The trick will be finding the right balance without going overboard. And trust me, after browsing around overboard would be very easy to do.


1. Fox print from an unknown source.
2. Sly Lil Fox onsie from Cafe Press.
3. Henry the Fox doll from Walnut Animal Society.
4. Fox porcelain jar fromĀ West Elm.
5. Brown fox teething toy from Etsy.

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