Elie Inspired

My big Gala is only two weeks away and I’m pretty swamped lining up all the final details. Unfortunately when you’re the one in charge you spend more time prepping the event logistics than you do yourself. Last year I waited pretty late in the game to get my dress, and I threw my hair up literally 30 minutes before the guests arrived. This year I’m feeling very ahead of the game. I’ve lined up the Ballet West makeup and wig designer to do the hair of my whole team the afternoon of the Gala, and a local fashion designer is currently making me a dress. We’re basing the designs on one of my favorite designers, Elie Saab. Sleek, stunning, and beautiful. I’ve never had a formal dress designed and made just for me so I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Elie Saab Elie Saab2 Elie Saab3

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One Response to Elie Inspired

  1. Erin Psillos says:

    Whoa cuz, a fashion designer making a dress for you?! So professional and fancy!! Can’t wait to see it!

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