DIY Bedroom – Part I

We’ve been in our downtown apartment for about 8 months now, and it wasn’t until last weekend that we finally rounded out the final, much-needed, projects to get us completely set. Since no one but the two of us really sees and lives with the bedroom that’s been the last spot to receive attention. We’ve embarrassingly been using a couple stacked shoe boxes as night stands, and most of my jewelry has been draped over a lampshade. (Pitiful, I know!)

I decided to tackle both issues in one weekend. First up – jewelry. I’ve browsed a few DIY options for storing jewelry so when I saw an old window at a consignment store I instantly saw the potential. After smashing out the glass in a dumpster behind our building and giving it a good wipe-down it was ready to turn into something practical. I had the silver nails and wire already, so it was a pretty simple assembly. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, old hinges and all.

DIY Bedroom-007

DIY Bedroom-006DIY Bedroom-010

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