DIY Bedroom – Part II

We’ve had a couple glaring decor needs in our bedroom since moving in almost 8 months ago. You know, the projects you put off for embarrassingly long amounts of time until there’s no way around them. After finally addressing my jewelry quandary, it was time to tackle the nightstand issue. We kept an eye out in local shops and online for something we liked at a reasonable price, but had no luck. I finally decided to just get something simple and cheap and try to spruce it up. I bought a couple of white metal nightstands from Ikea for $20 each. I sanded them and painted them a soft yellow, pulling from the accent pillows on our bed. I decided to leave the inside of the drawers white, just for a little pop. In the afternoon sun the room finally looks finished. En fin!

DIY Bedroom-004DIY Bedroom-005DIY Bedroom-011DIY Bedroom-001DIY Bedroom-012 DIY Bedroom-002 DIY Bedroom-013

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