Interiors for a Tuesday

April has been a pretty busy month. I’m helping keep a 5-person department afloat with just 2 of us, and Brent is wrapping up his first year of grad school. It’s been busy, but I feel like we’re both accomplishing a lot and growing in new ways. We may not have a whole lot of time to relax together, but sometimes that’s not a bad thing. Busy is good. Challenges always have a way of making you feel like maybe you can’t do something, but then allow you the chance to look back afterwards with confidence and say, ‘Hey, I guess I can do hard things.’ I’m looking forward to some downtime at the end of May, which can’t come fast enough. Until then we’re sprinting to the finish and trying to stay focused. As a fun distraction from everything else, these beautiful interiors are inspiring me this morning. Put an Eames chair in any room and that’s where my eye instantly goes.

Eams Tuesday

Left | Right


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