Backstage Couture In Motion

I’m so glad the Ballet West fashion show went off last Saturday without a hitch. Couture In Motion was beautiful and each element of the evening was successfully executed and looked great. I had wonderful people helping me with all the details and an incredible partner on the runway production. As the executive producer of any event you pay close attention to all the tiny elements no one else notices. I nit-pick everything about my work and am super critical about how things look, feel, flow. After spending long days and tiring weeks on this event I’m happy knowing all those little details turned out how I hoped they would. Now I can take a deep breath.

Brent spent the night backstage capturing the hair and makeup prep and runway lineup. This is what a fashion show looks like from backstage. More of his behind-the-scenes photos on flickr here and additional event photos to come.

Couture-004 Couture-007 Couture-010 Couture-011 Couture-014 Couture-018 Couture-020 Couture-023 Couture-026 Couture-027 Couture-033 Couture-034 Couture-035 Couture-038 Couture-040 Couture-042Couture-131 Couture-044 Couture-047 Couture-049 Couture-050 Couture-054 Couture-059 Couture-064 Couture-073 Couture-074 Couture-082 Couture-087 Couture-088 Couture-092 Couture-093 Couture-099 Couture-101 Couture-111 Couture-132

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One Response to Backstage Couture In Motion

  1. Erin Psillos says:

    You look absolutely gorgeous in that last pic!! Stunning!

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